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Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Coaching

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Coaching Services

Whether you’re an expecting mom or a new mom, pregnancy & postpartum coaching is available to help you refill your cup while you’re filling theirs. We customize a pregnancy education program to fit you and your growing family's needs at a time that fits your schedule. We meet with you through an online platform at your own pace.

Learning about pregnancy and childbirth has been proven that families have better health and birth outcomes for both parent and baby. We will coach you through your pregnancy on nutrition, exercise guidelines, goal setting, breastfeeding, stress management, and how to make informed decisions on testing and procedures.

10 Benefits of childbirth and breastfeeding coaching:

  1. Gain important knowledge about pregnancy, labor, and delivery

  2. Have a more positive birth outcome

  3. Lower risk of medical interventions

  4. Access evidence-based information while overcoming information overload

  5. Gain confidence when breastfeeding

  6. Connect with yourself and partner

  7. Determine your birth and postpartum preferences

  8. Coordinate with your care team

  9. Learn coping mechanisms

  10. Have a quicker and easier recovery

Services available for online coaching is available  in Spanish or English. For more information about the incentives that come along with coaching, email us at

Anatomy & Physiology of Female Reproductive Anatomy

Mental Health

Role of Support Persons

Nutrition & Exercise

Pregnancy Discomforts

Birth and Postpartum Planning

Partial List of Coaching Topics

Induction & Augmentation

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Baby Feeding Needs

Postpartum Care

Infant Sleep Safety

Handling and Storing Milk

Pumping and Feeding

Building Milk Supply

Alcohol Consumption

First Milk

Returning Back to Work

Feeding Cues

Legal Rights for Birthing People

Free Printable Birth Plan

Maternal Health Resources
Recursos de Salud Maternal

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